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Welcome to Spring Hill Farm

Spring Hill Farm is a family owned and operated farm located on 85 acres of field and forest in Sanbornton, NH. We grow produce year round for markets in the Lakes Region. We are avid gardeners turned farmers in order to be close to nature, to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and to build a strong community of people who love great, local food.

Spring Hill Farm follows organic practices for vegetable, herb, muchroom and livestock production. We do not use GMOs or any chemical or synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on our crops. It is our belief that we are stewards of this land and we must pass it on to the next generation of farmers better than we found it. 

We believe that healthy, rich soil leads to crops that are nutrient dense, resist insect and disease pressure, and withstand frost and drought. We use minerals, farm-made compost, fish and seaweed, cover crops and mulch to increase the fertility of our soil. You can see and taste the difference in our produce.

We will not be running our CSA or selling at any Farmers Markets for the 2015 season.

Learn more about our CSAFarm Stand or the Farmers Markets we attend.

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